Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BHF Quiz Night - WOW!!!

The much awaited BHF Quiz organised by the Paris Bike Ride team took place last Friday at PRUFC and what a night it turned out to be:

Nearly 100 people and 18 teams took part;
Over £460 was raised which hopefully will be fully matched by our sponsors Barclays Bank;
Over £100 was raised from the raffle alone.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and purchased raffle tickets and a special thank you to those people who contributed some fantastic cakes, pottery and booze!

The night started with a mjor headache 'how do we fit everyone in?' the answer was with great difficulty, but we managed - just!

Tony was a first rate quizmaster with endless patience and it finished with 2 eden runner-based teams taking 1st and 2nd (who said runners are thick, certainly not me).

There was some controversy when the answer to what is the French for bicycle was given as le velo rather than bicyclette; this raised the comment from one of the 'Friday Night Girls' "that it was bicyclette when I was at school" which provoked a response from the Saagermeister that "that was a long time ago", which provoked an equally cutting response of "have you looked in the mirrow lately" - all good fun and thanks again.

Dave P