Saturday, March 28, 2009

Causey Pike (it could only happen to a bike mechanic!)

Race#2 in the ER FellChamps series Sat 28th March.

The 'twin peaks' of Causey seen from Derwentwater

I thought it might be a fun idea to bike to the race instead of driving, in order to reduce my 'carbon stud-print', I'd seen other racers doing this at previous events, so thought I'd give it a go. All was going well until I double punctured 2miles away from the start venue (I never get punctures!) & discovered my self-adhesive repair patches were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard - what to do?

Only one thing for it ... Fellshoes on & run to the start pushing the bike (made it with 10mins to spare (phew!)), no need for a warmup anyway!

Well done to ERs Stu & Ian, and big thanks to another cycling runner called Piers who lent me his puncture kit for repairs to be conducted in the comfort of the village hall.

I should mention that the 1st Vet40 Scoffer Scofield got one up on me by biking in, then going for a bonus training-run up Catbells after the race before biking home!!

What a grand day out.

Next Champs Race Loughrigg at Ambleside Wed April 5th 7pm (a cracker).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cautley Spout...the movie

A must for everyone into Yorkshire film-making...

Featuring Andy, Gill DSD, Sally...and erm, me tying my shoelace as Andy sails past...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


That's it! I set out to do a minimum of 7 racesin the KWL and hit the target on Sunday at Austwick, a gem of a place in Gods own County, although, thanks to Mrs D-S-D's navigation skills we nearly ended up stuck down a farm track nowhere near the race venue!

As usual we were sceptical about Rhiannons description 'one of the nicest of them all this one', but, at last, she got it right!

She'd no control over the weather though, and I thought we were out with the loonies as we huddled, on our haunches, behind a dry stone wall, as the hail lashed across us (not down on us, but definitely across us), in a pose which Sally described as 'the penguin position' ( just what goes on in her life outside of running I can only guess....). You may know that Mrs D-S-D wants a dog, and, as she did a 'warm up' run which seemed to involve dashing 5 metres away from us and five back, over and over and over again, Rhiannon pointed out that this was exactly how a demented collie dog would behave - do I need to look at the four legged option, or simply encourage her doggy behaviour and get a mirror?....

This race across some of Yorkshires finest scenery was unique in so far as it's the first time I've been in any race where the competitors had to QUEUE to get over a stile - disheartening this, as in my usual panic to put distance between myself and Rhiannon I'd opened a useful gap of about 70 metres, only to look round and see her half a metre behind, and next but one in the queue!!

Another first was the dry stone wall we had to climb over, although I didn't see them, the underachieving Virgo twins apparently took an age to negotiate this obstacle, living up to all the qualities their star signs suggest......

This was a good race, we even had fun pushing a blokes car off the verge after he got it stuck in the mud. We were the first to offer help and he insisted that one of the girls drive while he helped to push, so Mrs D-S-D drove while Sal & I helped to push- it was going nowhere, until more and more departing runners arrived to lend a hand and we eventually got it free.....Oh how we laughed as people assumed that it was the lady driver, Mrs D-S-D who'd driven it in there in the first place!

She didn't laugh quite as much as we did, but then again, nor did she repeat the 'foul and abusive' we'd had directed at the Tebay Cyclist some time ago.

A little bit of syncronicity with my last race of my first go at the KWL being in my 'home' county,
and I will be looking forward to my second go at this next season, now I know what to expect - the unexpected! The people have been friendly and encouraging, even though they were competitors, and I've a little store of good, and funny memories, hope you've enjoyed sharing them too!.

By the way, this league started with one ER in it, and ended with four, so good to see the green and blue shirts out, and Rhiannon's in the top ten (seventh I think) in the Ladies championship, so well done to her too!

The Fell FellaAlways polite, the Eden Runner ladies thanked Dennis at the end for providing them with a wind-break on the windier parts of the course...

Monday, March 2, 2009

High Cup Nick Fellrace 28th March 2009

Hi all, good to see the EdenRunners out on the first Championship run of the season despite some murky far from ideal conditions. This looks like a pretty tough event to me with cross-country, Pennine Tussocks, rocks and bridleway to contend with.

I walked the Pennine way with Lauren to spectate, and made it up to the snowline before low cloud and freezing wind thwarted my summit ambitions - so we had our picnic sheltered behind a drystone wall, made a snowman then headed into the amazing High Cup Nick glacial valley to watch the racers slogging up the gradual climb - what a sight that was! We managed to clamber back up to Pennine Way to grab a few photos of the runners heading down the final descent - here they are....

Sean running well and Stu disappearing into the distance (Stu gets 5 extra fell 'hardman' points for racing here and HHM the next day!
No results published yet.

The Haweswater Half Marathon

James Bulman winning the Haweswater Half in a time of 1:14:11.

More later, and thanks to everyone who helped make it an enjoyable race.