Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anniversary Waltz '09 - Runner's Eye View

Took my Box-Brownie with me on the race today (and what a day!). NOTE PICTURES IN REVERSE ORDER BOTTOM TO TOP! I'll get used to this Blog software yet!! Key:- Pic1/ Race HQ pre-start Pic2/ Startline crowd Pic3/ Stu at Startline Pic4/ Runners snake back far as eye can see (1st climb) Pic5/ Fastest lady in foreground (1st climb) Pic6/ Looking back (1st climb) Pic7/ Up in the high country (1st checkpoint) Coastline windmills just visible Pic8/ The Mighty Dalehead (just descended) Pic9/ The exhilerating descent down to Catbells.. Note:- Descent from Catbells summit to Stair village in @5minutes - extreme!
FREE food, tea and BEER, now that's a good value race in my book.
Another grand day out.


Alan M said...

Good pics Anthony. How did you manage to run? ...what with the box-brownie, tripod, light meter, etc. Presume your bike was left at home this time

Anth said...

No, took me bike aswell just from Keswick tho' Surprisingly light and durable those box-brownies you know!