Thursday, April 23, 2009

Grizedale Grind April 22 '09

Great ER turnout to one of my favourite fellraces, well done everybody!
60+ runners taking part, including a few superstars... Ben Bardsley won in @25 minutes, which I think is a new record time (awesome!)
Picture 1/ Grisedale Pike (path can be seen running up the spine)
Picture 2/ Line up of 9 intrepid ER fellracers
Picture 3/ Fresh from the fray!


Alan M said...

Ah THAT'S where everyone was last night....

I haven't seen the results yet but hope everyone enjoyed the race. I see a couple of first-time fellrunners on the photos, as well as the more experienced stalwarts (I was gonna put 'grizzled veterans' there but thought better of it) - whatever your level, hopefully you enjoyed the buzz.

Meanwhile, a good number of us were up Arthur's Pike & Loadpot last night. Good workout for those calf muscles.


Steve Hebblethwaite said...

results and photos in the news section at

Anth said...

I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many keen ER fellracers when I trundled up at Revelin Moss carpark on my mountain bike - Chuffed I was! Some great individual efforts too - fantastic.