Sunday, May 24, 2009

Helvelyn Fell Race

A spectacularly sunny day saw 5 lads & 1 lass from Eden runners line up for the start of the Helvelyn fell race, a new race for us all apart for the old hand pcso Labram. The race starts with a near vertical ascent up onto Calf Crag, how steep did not become apparent til the end when we had to descend it to the finish. It didn't take long for me to assume my usual position in the pack & spent most of the race trying to keep ahead of Anja and up with Shaun Hardisty who was trying to keep up with Steve Hartley with Stuart Stoddart & Anth way ahead out of sight.

It was a well organised but physically hard race however Keswick AC had the foresight to post a marshall on the summit of Helvelyn just in case any of the competitors didn't know where they had come from.
A couple of random thoughts crossed my mind after I finished the race....I can't wait to see the crims in Carlisle trying to run away from Anth, why are my legs all wobbly & how am I going to get those grass stains off my backside..... well it was a very steep descent!!

Results were

Anth 17th 1:59:51

Stuart 20th 2:00:27

Steve 60th 2:16:26

Shaun 80th 2:21:35

Me 93rd 2:27:05

Anja 102nd 2:30:04 & 9th lady


walkingtaletrails said...

Nice one Ian, well done to everyone, what a fab race! I will catch you one day!

Alan M said...

And I thought I was being adventurous by running up Arthur's Pike from Helton (and no, that's not a euphemism for anything, as far as I'm aware).Anthony - I think Stuart's just playing with you....wait until he gets serious about this running thing....

Well done all of you, looks like a bit of a blast.