Sunday, February 24, 2008

High Cup Nick Fell Race

High Cup Nick in better weather

There was a stonking ER turnout for the High Cup Nick race yesterday: something like ten of us. The weather in Penrith had been deceptively spring-like, but by the time Gill and Andy's ER Racemobile pulled into Dufton, the clouds were dropping into the Nick and the wind had become a screaming howler.

In character-building conditions, Derek Hurton pulled off a highly respectable 7th place, while first ER lady home was Gill Douglas, in effortless style. More results will follow soon.

A grand day out, so well done to everyone who braved the conditions, and what a fantastic start to the ER Fell Race Championships.


Gill Douglas said...

I agree it was a great run out yesterday, well done to all who braved the howling wind off the top of the Nick.

I can assure you it didn't feel effortless Rhinannon but thanks for your kind words. More importantly thanks for your company at various points along the route. Thanks also to those who braved the condiditons to support. Very much appreciated.

Good 'crack'in the village hall afterwards.

derek h said...

Cracking race yesterday with something for everyone - a long tussocky drag followed by a short stiff climb into the Nick, then a struggle on the top in a strong headwind and a long, long fast descent on good ground to the village.

Good to see lots of Eden Runners at the race (says he in his first fell race outing since last April's 3peaks). If it hadn't been for those boys from Borrowdale we might have been close to a team prize. Richard V and Sean R were up near the top of the field.

I don't know if it was yesterday's efforts or the cold that's been threatening for a week, but I feel crappy today in spite of this morning's big bowl of Berry Steady Go (that'll be £250 endorsement fee please).

Remember, if you want a good session, come out with the Juniors on a Thursday, meeting at 6 at QEGS gym for a hilly run (eg 2x4x90secs up, 3 mins down). All helpers welcome and you'd be surprised how fast the kids can run!

Gill Douglas said...

£250 endorsement fee noted Derek.

Serving suggestion: Keep munching for renewed vitality and enhanced fitness!

Andy R said...

A good day out on Saturday. With added enjoyment with the weather - something else for me to moan about. Roll on Causey Pike.