Monday, February 25, 2008

What ? How did I get here? WHere am i?

and have I nothing better to do?

Oh, I'm on the blog today - where was I yesterday ? - I could see a TOWER, and a SHIP and a lot of runners, I could also see a couple of blokes who couldn't see a SHIP !

Anyway, the sea was a beautiful brown colour and was on our left (or right, depending which way you were running) and the big TOWER sometimes came into view.

There were 13 (unlucky!) Eden runners at BLACKPOOL for the NW half marathon, an excellent turnout including some pb's and another first? - the first half marathon run 'under the influence' by an Eden runner....

I was at the high cup nick on Saturday too (watching, chauffeuring, coat carrying, tea buying, encouraging- they have it too easy these lady fell runners in our club, the only thing I din't do was to run the bloody event for them!) and another good day out for ER's with a top ten (7th) place for Derek and good runs from everyone. Sadly we temporarily lost a guest runner, Christine, a friend of Pennys, who took a tumble and tried to hide in a ditch - this ploy would
have worked had she took to the ditch shortly after leaving the village, rather than on top of the hill!

Anyway a good week end for all, and I hope all th efell runners had a nice lie in on SUnday morning too!

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