Monday, March 2, 2009

High Cup Nick Fellrace 28th March 2009

Hi all, good to see the EdenRunners out on the first Championship run of the season despite some murky far from ideal conditions. This looks like a pretty tough event to me with cross-country, Pennine Tussocks, rocks and bridleway to contend with.

I walked the Pennine way with Lauren to spectate, and made it up to the snowline before low cloud and freezing wind thwarted my summit ambitions - so we had our picnic sheltered behind a drystone wall, made a snowman then headed into the amazing High Cup Nick glacial valley to watch the racers slogging up the gradual climb - what a sight that was! We managed to clamber back up to Pennine Way to grab a few photos of the runners heading down the final descent - here they are....

Sean running well and Stu disappearing into the distance (Stu gets 5 extra fell 'hardman' points for racing here and HHM the next day!
No results published yet.


Alan M said...

Nice work Anthony. Whilst browsing in my lunch 10 minutes, I found a link on the FRA forums to these photos -
- you might catch a glimpse here & there of a green 'n' blue vest receding into the distance.

and results-

Rhiannon said...

Is that an Eden Runner doing a spot of Tai Chi there?

Alan M said...

It's actually semaphore - it reads 'I'm not putting 100% in here, I've got another race tomorrow'

Rhiannon said...

Or is it a homage to Eric and Ernie?