Monday, March 23, 2009

Cautley Spout...the movie

A must for everyone into Yorkshire film-making...

Featuring Andy, Gill DSD, Sally...and erm, me tying my shoelace as Andy sails past...


Alan M said...

'....Cardboard box were it?'
'Luxury. There were 14 of us living in a paper bag in a septic tank...'

Well done Rhiannon on being the only ER with their own caption. True, it was a fairly dodgy caption, but still...quite a feat, considering you're not running for a Yorkshire Club.


Andy S said...

It wasn't a paper bag in a septic tank, it was just a septic tank! Nae clathes or owt, just clad i' the tank contents and nowt else.
Aal sithee!