Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Not All Bad in the North East

(or - Gill DSD does her bit for the Northumbria Tourist Board)

Northumberland Coastal Run, Sunday 18th July 2010

Do you prefer this view? or...

..this view?

Driving home, I said to Paul & Tony that I hadn’t yet found an angle to use for the blog. Tony came up with the good points/bad points idea. Of course, I rejected it immediately.

Things to remember…..

Beadnell, being paced by a kite-surfer skimming the waves a few yards to the left.
Beadnell, running past the roped-off tern colony and having to jump the rope at the end.
Beadnell, having to decide whether to cut some distance by running/wading through the sea or staying right to ford the river. Choosing the longer route, still having the water above knee height.

Dunstanburgh, the trail/path section. And kittiwakes.
Craster, running down the dip. Lindy Lou!
The cliff-top trail section after Craster. I love trail running….
The next road bit because you could find a rhythm. Not a particularly quick rhythm, but a rhythm nevertheless.
The drinks stations. Isn’t water fantastic stuff?
Reaching the finish.
Taking off my socks & shoes & going for a ‘plodge’ afterwards. Like being 7 again.
Julia appearing at last. Her hilarious explanation of her (late) arrival at the start on her bike. I’m still laughing now.
Watching each Eden Runner home, in particular…
- Fantastic finish by Gill DSD.
- Kevin trying to sneak in on an alternative finish route.
- Matt’s battle to the line, injured.
- Sally, eventually.
Paul’s home–made granola bar. Magic.
Discovering that Tony doesn’t really like scones. Or dried apricots. Or most tv adverts.

Things to forget…..

Too much headwind.
Losing 20 places from Dunstanburgh onwards, only gaining 6 places back
Having nothing left to work with on the last beach section. For info, 1.65miles of it.
The Courtyard CafĂ© being closed…..

I have thought of far more good points than bad points. Feel free to add your own..

Thanks to all our brilliant Eden Runners ….erm, runners. What a club we have here.


Andy S said...

I feel as if I was there Alan! I prefer picture one to picture two - men in black.....? It does sound as though Tony was in top comedy form though..and him & the Saagermeister look the part in their matching tops -it's true that dark colours are slimming.....

Alan M said...

Cheers Andy - presume you were reading this with your feet in a bucket of brine, just to add further authenticity. Yes we like the MIB imagery. Can we get some ER shades sorted d'you think? Would come in handy when being dazzled by the brilliance of the almost-legendary ER wit and repartee.