Thursday, August 5, 2010


Its been a while since I blogged, but last nights chips at the NEW INN, BRAMPTON, APPLEBY (that's a plug!) demanded that I write about them.

Due to chip related 'difficulties' with the pub at Dufton in the past we convened at the New Inn, having agreed beforehand that we'd phone in the chip order (13 portions for those with a nose for detail) we were served by a Heston Blumenthal lookalike chef who provided three trays of the best chips we have ever had! Plus, as much mayo and tomato sauce as we could wish for.

The chips were hot, fresh from the pan, beautifully brown, crisp, firm, yet soft and moist in all the right places, and enough for everyone to have about three bowlfuls each (bad move of the night from 'big' Miles who ordered two portions and had to pay for two, but got no more than the rest of us!). Price: a very reasonable indeed £2:00 per person.

We will certainly be back!

Oh, and the run, which is, after all, the reason for our night out - beautiful clear views from the top of Dufton Pike round the whole county, a thunderous run down the ridge and back in time for a luxurious 'one flask' shower in the public toilets!

Breaking news: The proposed new Eden runners based rock band project continues apace - planning and auditions continued in the New Inn -Wacker is to be tour manager/ post gig party organiser; new additions to the line up continue with the discoveries that (a) Miles is a multi talented instrumentalist, (b) Tony and Martin are Eden Runners answer to Renee and Renata/Peters and Lee/Roger Whittaker and Des O'Connor/ two of the four Temptations - the list of options goes on, the door of opportunity opens for these two, (c) Mary, Sally and Mrs DSD to be backing (note to Mrs DSD, backing singers means just that- you stay in the background, letting the main men take centre stage) singers, also with options to provide musical pottery/musical bakery 'live' on stage at the 'gigs'. We can also announce a new lead vocalist - 'Big' Paul who wowed us with his Vic Reeves pub singer routines last night. The existing line up - Alan 'the Modster' Marshall: Lead guitar; 'Deadly' Dave Peacock: Vocals/guitar and Andy 'Bloody Finger' Sharples: rhythm guitar, can rest assured that the plan slowly comes together -look out for the 'debut gig' announcements in a local comic near you!