Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It seems a long time ago that I blogged about the quality chips at Brampton pub, and now winter's here and what do I get? Dragged from my bed at the crack of dawn ( 9 o'clock ) by the DSD and taken down to Rosthwaite to recreate half of a Long Distance Walkers event!

I should be grateful it was last weekend, we had sunshine, snow showers and mostly rain, unlike now when its bloody freezing cold too!

Up onto the fells south of Dock Tarn, down into Watendlath, past Walla Crag and back via the Lake shore, Grange and below Castle Crag back to Rosthwaite.

The food wasn't as good as the above mentioned chips, consisting of two small bags of Co-Op (a blatant advertisement) Cheese n Onion crisps and some jelly babies, washed down with some increasingly cold blackcurrant juice....

It was about 15 miles all told, in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world (probably), and being low level, even my navigationally challenged companion could manage ' going, keep the Lake on your left, and coming back keep it on your right!

The only bummer to the whole day (and yes, as with most things that hack off this Yorkshireman, it has to do with money) was the blunder I made with the parking. We parked in the National Trust car park, and paid £6 for all day parking.

Only when we returned to the car and were about to leave did I glance at the sign on the wall of the adjoining (as in right next door!) village Hall '' PARKING ALL DAY £2:50''!

You can only imagine how long I sat in the car fuming to myself on the journey home.....................

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