Friday, March 25, 2011

BHF London to Paris Bike Ride

In May 2008 soon after the finish of the Golden Globe 5k I suffered toothache or at least I thought  it was toothache; it was in fact a heart attack! I was fortunate and I survived thanks in part to Kevin Whitemore who drove me the short but vital 1/2 mile to the Penrith Emergency unit, after we arrived back at PRUFC car park.

After recovering from the shock of the heart attack I realised from speaking to friends and family, many of whom are in Eden Runners that nobody knew that a pain across the jaw was the sign of an impending heart attack. And this is where the British Heart Foundation comes in, as their literature provides such life saving knowledge as well as providing vital guidance in the debilitating days and weeks following the attack.

I decided therefore that in the run up to my 50th birthday that I would try and raise some money to help ensure in a small way that the BHF can carry on providing their vital charitable work. Enter the London to Paris Bike Ride 300km's over 3 days from the 2nd July!

I was able to form a team of 4 thanks to Wacker, Tony and Julia and the support of a mate Ian (to drive the support vehicle) and my wife Diane (to provide sort out navigation, logistics and fund raising).

In totoal we need to raise £1,000 (£250 each) with all money raised going directly to BHF (all costs are met by us). Our first fund raising event is a Quiz at PRUFC on the 1st April, £6 a ticket from Tony Lowery with pie and pies thrown in (not literally hopefully).

Although there are in effect 4 people undertaking the Bike Ride (with 2 supporters) we will not achieve the most important part the fundraising without your support, I hope that this blog will keep you up to date with our challenges along the way.

If you would like to contribute on our Just Giving page (thanks to Ian Horne and Alan Marshall for generous donations already) you can do so at

Dave P

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